Cell Phone Secrets

By Wayne Foreman | Tech Tips

Jul 23

Whenever you buy a new cell phone, take these steps to protect it.  Not only will it make your cell phone safer, but, more importantly, it will preserve the value of your phone!

If you are like me, you like the features of a new cell phone.  Whether it's a bigger screen, better camera, more memory or cool features, a new phone is awesome!  However, buying a new phone can be very expensive!

I've found some tips that, if you follow these, will allow you to preserve the value of your phone so much that you'll be able to sell it after 2 years and have a ton of money available to use for the purchase of your next phone....​


Buying a screen protector and a phone case are not only functional, but a great way to protect the value of your phone.  If properly protected, your phone will be able to be sold 1-2 years from now as "mint" condition which will enable you to get the maximum value from the sale.

You can then use this money to buy a newer phone.  I upgrade phones about every 2 years and rarely pay more than $150... even for the latest and greatest phone.

Here are the tips to get maximum value from your phone:

  • ​Buy an "unlocked" phone.  Either from the phone manufacturer or your wireless carrier, get an "unlocked" phone... it will greatly increase the value of your phone for resale
  • Keep all of the original packing material - Original Box, all manuals, guides, stickers, etc...
  • Before using the phone even once, cover the screen with a screen protector and use a good quality case to cover the phone
  • When ready to sell your phone, check around for the best deals.  Some places I check:
  • Amazon Electronics Trade-in
  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Gazelle

Have you successfully sold your cell phone?  What has been your experience?  Let us know below....

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