Google Nexus 6p Unboxing

By Wayne Foreman | Reviews

Jul 27

Watch as I open my new Google Nexus 6p Phone


Top 5 Reasons I Bought This Phone:


For a 5.7" phone, this device is priced to sell!  It's $400-500 cheaper than an equivalent-sized phone with similar features from other manufacturers.  If you are a fan of Google's Project Fi, then you can get this phone even cheaper and have some very interesting cell service options. 

Screen Size

The Nexus 6p has a 5.7" screen size.  Among the current batch of cell phones, this is one of the largest.  For those of us with aging eyes, the extra screen real estate is welcomed.  Watching videos or getting map directions on this screen are a real dream!  I've found that I can still fit the phone in the pocket of my pants.  Granted the pants are a bit loose... this phone would have a hard time fitting into a jeans pocket!

Storage Capacity

This phone comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities.  Plus it's an android phone so you have all of the flexibility of using Google Drive Storage as well to give you a seemingly endless amount of storage!

Battery Size

The included 3,450 mAh battery keeps the Nexus 6 running through an entire day with no problems.  Even with heavy use this battery has terrific capacity!  In addition, the charging connector is the new USB-C standard which allows the phone to be completely recharged in about an hour.

Integration with Google Ecosystem

If you use Google Products either at home or for work (or both), this phone offers amazing integration with Gmail, Maps, Google Drive, etc... In my life I use Google both at home and at work and the Nexus 6p keeps both accounts active but separate and easy to manage all on one screen.  

best offer

Best Deal for Google Nexus 6p

If you are willing to give Google's Project Fi a try, you can get the Nexus 6p for an amazing price AND get some pretty great cell phone service at the same time.

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