How to Show iPad or iPhone Screen on Mac for Free

By Wayne Foreman | Tech Tips

Apr 16

Ever wanted to show your iPad or iPhone display on your computer screen? If you own a Mac computer, then you can perform this task absolutely FREE. Here’s How…

As the resident geek fix-it guy in our house, I find myself having to work with friends, neighbors and family members to show them how to do things. For me, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to walk a non-technical person (i.e. my family) through a technical task when I can’t see what they are doing.

I often hear, I clicked the green thing and then I got stuck… or, even more often I am trying to explain…

I say Click on the Settings button, then General, then Network and the response I get is…. huh?!?

Being able to show my screen remotely, either in real time or by recording a quick video, often helps my family solve problems quickly and easily.

Watch this video to see how I accomplish this feat for FREE using only my Mac, my iPhone/iPad and the charging cable..

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