My Not So Secret Source for Almost Everything

By Wayne Foreman | Reviews

Apr 16

For anyone that is busy, is looking for a good deal, enjoys comparing things and having choices or basically is alive and breathing, Amazon Prime is a feature you’ve just got to check out.

Why I Love Amazon

As the local “Mr. Fix it”, I am often tasked with procuring stuff for myself, my friends, family and neighbors. This “stuff” can range from napkins to curtain rods to keyboard cleaner to a new computer.

As with most people, I am busy. I have (multiple) jobs, kids and responsibilities that keep me really busy most of the time. Getting in the car and trying to find something I need is just something I don’t have time for. For that reason alone, I use as my source for products. Amazon allows me to find what I need (no matter how random it may be), compare prices, read reviews and even find similar products, all from the comfort of my… electronic device. That’s right, my computer, tablet or phone are all connected and can be used to shop for what I need, when I need it.

This alone is good enough reason to love Amazon, but there’s more…

Amazon Prime – Awesome in So Many Ways

Amazon Prime is the deal of the century.  Before I tell you why it saves my life on a daily basis, here’s what Prime gives you for $99/year…

  • A FREE shipping upgrade to Two-Day service (oftentimes faster) on products that Amazon sells
  • FREE access to Amazon’s growing library of Streaming Movies and TV shows  (gaining on Netflix every day)
  • FREE Unlimited Music Streaming – Granted the library is still pretty small, but it too is growing daily
  • FREE Unlimited Photo Storage – A place to put all of your digital photos
  • FREE Access to over 500,000 free ebooks – Great for readers
  • Early access to Amazon Lightening Deals – Amazing deals in lots of categories

These benefits seem to grow every day, so the value is better and better every time I use the program (which is about daily).

My Secret Weapon

More and more I use Amazon to source the majority of items my family uses.  As long as I don’t need it right now or it isn’t perishable, I pretty much turn to Amazon to source it.  Give it a try, it’s free for 30 Days… you’ll never look back!

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